Buy a Home before You Sell a Home Program

Buy a Home before You Sell a Home Program

We offer the buy before you sell program in Colorado, Florida and Georgia

Buy a Home and Get a Cash Offer on your existing home!

  • No Home Sale Contingency: With the program agreement and a cash offer, the buyer can remove the pending sale contingency directly on contract and offset the departing residence liability.
  • Equity Advance: The borrower may tap into available equity on their departing residence before selling to provide available equity towards their new purchase at no additional cost.
  • Listing Prep and Mortgage Payment Coverage: The borrower may also use their equity to help sell their property at its maximum value and/or cover the mortgage payments on their current home until it sells.
  • We Utilize Your Realtor to List your Home(Realtors work as a buyer and list agent)

  • Step 1: Current Home Assessment – Our Partner will assess the condition of your client’s current home and provides them with a Guaranteed Offer Price
  • Step 2: Shop with pre-approval or cash approval and no home sale contingency
  • Step 3: Under contract on new home
  1. Client can pack up and move in!

2. Client can use their own assets for the down payment, or tap into the equity on their departing

residence with a down payment loan

3. If needed, client can have their mortgage payments covered on their departing residence until it


4. List client’s current home within 10 days of closing on new home

  • Step 4: Close on new home

Client receives full proceeds and pays Our Partner back for the down payment loan and any mortgage

payments that were covered, if applicable

Not to worry, if the home does not go under contract within 90 days of the closing on their new home,

Our Partner will purchase it at the Guaranteed Offer Price!

  • Step 5: Old home sells
  • If the Home Sells for Higher than the Guaranteed Offer Price the Overage is sent to the Seller!

Let’s Get you in a New Home! This Program is offered to a select States

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