Have you ever found your dream home but hesitated to make an offer because you haven’t sold your current one yet? Buying a new home without any contingencies on selling your current one can help secure your dream home and make the buying process smoother. You can unlock up to 80% ltv of your current equity to utilize to purchase your Dream Home!

Secure Your Dream Home: Buy without Contingencies

When you make an offer on a home with contingencies, it means that the sale is dependent on certain conditions being met. For example, a contingency may be that you can only buy the new home if you sell your current home first. This can be a risky situation because if you don’t sell your home in time, you may lose the new home you want to buy.

Don’t Let Your Current Home Hold You Back, Take the Leap!

Let’s Us Help you Buy, before you Sell!

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We are doing this in 3 states at the moment-Georgia, Florida, and Colorado