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Buy Before You Sell a Home Program in North Carolina, Georgia, Colorado and Florida Now

Buy Before You Sell a Home Program We are excited to have our powerful Buy Before You Sell program in your area. With Buy Before You Sell, you and your agent can work together to get you in a new home before selling your current home! The Agent can then list your old home, after […]


Buy a Home with no contigencies before you sell a home

Are you hesitant to buy a new home because you haven’t sold your current one yet? Don’t let contingencies hold you back. Take the leap and buy a home with no contingencies before you sell. You’ll be surprised at the doors it can open and the opportunities it can bring.


Build Mortgage Inc

Fusion Mortgage Inc is doing business as Build Mortgage Inc working with Builders, helping to build communities in Florida Everything you need from startto finish• Vertical spec / Pre Sold constructionprojects, horizontal, lot and bridge loans• A 50 BPS lender credit will be given onresidential new construction home loanswith Homepoint• Market and project analytics are […]


We Fund Multi Family Deals

Call us for all your Multi Family Deals (no job + no income verification) We Fund 5-29 units up to $10 million, we can fund more based on qualifications. Loan amounts up to $10M + 80% LTV Foreign Nationals included Student Housing included Interest Only Get Approved for Financing Link: Schedule a Mortgage Consultation: […]


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