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Waterford at Briarcliff

Waterford at Briarcliff 6 Homes Remain Hi, Let’s Get you in a Luxury Home, close by the end of 2023. We are Realtors and Loan Advisors! We want to Partner with You Katrina Lane Fusion Mortgage Inc NMLS 2183454 678.278.9511 fusionmortgageinc@gmail.com http://www.fusionmortgageinc.com We Love Referrals


Builders Get Financing for your next Build

Let’s Finance your next Spec or Presale! Builders/Investors/Developers in Florida, Colorado and Georgia A Mortgage Company offering Builders Financing Options to Build Homes for the Community Have you built/developed/renovated atleast 3 projects? Everything you need from start to Finish • Vertical spec / Pre Sold construction projects, horizontal, lot and bridge loans• A 50 BPS […]


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